Chris Roberts-Antieau

Chris Roberts Antieau Work

Chris Roberts-Antieau

New Orleans, Lousiana

If there is one thing I could hope to say to all of you, it is to never give up on your dream. I was a C and D student in school, I had to repeat the 9th grade, I was not recommended for college(I didn't go) and I never went to art school...basically I never learned what not to do. For this I am grateful eternally. I just had a voice inside that I listened to. I really trusted that voice and I still do. Please learn to listen to yours. I guarantee it will take you where you need to go. Don't be afraid, fear is bad! My work is about joy, it's about the mysterious origin of joy, and the wonder of childhood. I try to hang on to that wonder with every ounce of my being. My art is really a byproduct of my life and what I believe about being alive. I seemed to be cursed with the constant vision of the "big picture" part of life, which constantly brings forth the same truths that we are all blessed with the ability to recognize and create joy and that life is about creation. 

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