Corbe Ceramics

Corbe Ceramics Collection

Corbe Ceramics Collection

Detroit, Michigan

Corbé is a ceramic design studio in the comeback city of Detroit, Michigan, handcrafting porcelain wares that are simple and useful, built for the modern home and table.  Balancing the precision of technology with warmth of hand, our ceramic wares are inspired by mid-century design, traditional craft, and small-scale, American manufacture. Our porcelain tabletop foundations honor the ingredients, people, and places at the heart of our gratitude, to share their stories. Ceramic wares and storied objects, from our hands to yours. Formed in 2012 on Orcas Island, Washington, the rural, watery dwelling has forever left its mark on our lives and body of work. In the winter of 2015 our little island-grown ceramics studio set it sights on the possibilities and inspiration of Detroit. For us, Detroit means family, a community spirit of creativity, design, and hard work. It’s shown us the kind of bootstrapping that’s so admirable and transformative, we had to be a part of it. We’re so excited that our story continues in Detroit. We are Kaitlyn and Ryan Lawless, partners in life and work. Corbé started on a collaboration of differing backgrounds to challenge, complement, and round out the ceramics design studio we wanted to build. Years in different fields — ceramic sculpture, production pottery, graphic design, marketing, and retail — make our partnership a strong foundation for Corbé. The broad visions of one are nuanced by the detailed thinking of the other. Our time is spent solving, musing, and evolving the things we’ve created, and we can’t imagine doing anything else.
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