Joseph Bradley | Painter

Joseph Bradley is a nationally known artist showing his work in New York City, Denver, Houston, Chicago, and Charleston. Owning a successful gallery and studio in Greenville South Carolina's Art District, Bradley creates work for private collectors and corporations.

Joseph Bradley begins with graphite drawing on the wood surface, adding multiple layers of oil paint, washes, glazes, and metal-leaf. Each of his paintings has about 30 layers of medium, and the sides are painted or treated with metal leaf.

"I grew up in an old ramshackle farm house in the upstate of SC in a tight knit family. Honestly, I never thought I would grow up to be an artist. An experience during my internship in college changed my trajectory: I was held up in a bank robbery. Even though that event was traumatic, I was forced to evaluate what energized me and subsequently migrated a great deal of scattered ambitions into being a visual artist.

I'm most passionate about art that I want to live with in my own home and I honestly believe that it makes life better."

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