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White Planter Drip Tray | Medium

White Planter Drip Tray | Medium

Handmade drip tray to be used with Held Ceramics planters, or with any other planter you may already have.

  • approximately 3 1/4" wide
  • stoneware clay
  • made in Detroit, MI
  • planter not included

Held is based in Detroit, MI and owned and operated by Carrie Hause.  Drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of the natural world, each piece of Held pottery features a unique surface decoration that provides a tactile experience in addition to visual, encouraging your hands to enjoy each ware as much as the eyes.

Pottery is created through a long list of steps, and requires much patience and care. Each of Carrie's pieces are handmade on a potter's wheel. For those that are destined to be spiky, the spikes are hand-applied one by one using plain or colored slip. They then are fired in an electric kiln, glazed, and fired a final time to cone 6. Her glazes are custom-made, hand-mixed, and created to be chemically durable and functional.

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