Retailer-Exclusive 2019 Limited Edition Collection | Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

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With this new Retailer-Exclusive Limited Edition collection, Sid highlights the inspiring features of all that awaits to be seen in the outside world. From observing the magnificent flora and fauna of this earth, we find truth in all that the natural world has to offer.

Like a tireless honey bee gathering nectar for its hive or a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, we see how perseverance and patience help us reach our true potential. The bond between a pair of doves inspires us to emulate that affection through the gift of flowers for our own loved ones. With a sense of romanticism, each Memory Block celebrates aspects of nature that encourage us to rejoice in life, love, and beauty.

This collection of Limited Edition Memory Blocks is available exclusively through retailers. There will only be 300 of each RLE19 style available for purchase. Once the 300 pieces of each style are sold, the design will be retired and will no longer be available to order. These exclusive blocks will be signed by Sid and include a complimentary gift box. 

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