NEW 2018 Spiritiles

The new Spring Collection awakens us
to the moments that brighten our worlds,
the delightful spaces where music and friends dwell,
and the dreams that fuel our daily life. 
Join us in welcoming these Spiritiles to the full collection -
may these beautiful moments capture us
as we celebrate the oncoming Spring.

Ring in the new year rejoicing,
treating your life like the special occasion it is.

'Pop!' will be available for one year only - 
until December 31st, 2018.

Every Spiritile is handmade according to the same dimensions following the golden mean ratio. With a quirky smile, Houston likes to say these artworks are “Created as windows of the enlightened spirit,” inspiring those who interact with them. While every piece has its own unique essence, all are created to live in community with the others, giving an eclectic collector limitless possibilities of personal expression. 

The glass is applied to one side of the metal using stencils and relying on precise layering with hand sifters. The piece is only fired once. After firing, a pin is rolled over the enameled metal to form intentional crazing marks in the glass.


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