The Mighty Mitten

The Mighty Mitten Prints

The Mighty Mitten Prints

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Mighty Mitten is an artist owned & operated studio with one impossible goal: to make art as captivating as its namesake state of Michigan. From Copper Harbor to Corktown, I have traipsed up and down these pleasant peninsulas, and in 2010 I finally decided that the best way for me to share my obsession with my Great Lakes home was with my art. I've always admired the style and elegance of the old WPA (Work Projects Administration) posters of the early to mid-1900s, and I sought to emulate their simplicity and distinct imagery while also adding some contemporary flair. Still, the goal remains about the same: to celebrate our favorite places and to spark curiosity in new favorites waiting to be discovered. Whether your idea of "The Mitten" is an endless beach, a Detroit skyscraper, or even just a hand as a map, we have everything you need to enliven your walls with art that lives and breathes Michigan!

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