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Rebecca Maillette Jewelry

I've always dreamed of peaceful days filled with passion of doing what I was born to do...create. After graduating from Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I began working to "create" around the vision of others. Eight years later and inspired daily by so much around me, I realized my true desire was to create things that would bring joy to others, but were inspired by that which inspired me. My appreciation for unique and handcrafted jewelry and my desire for new challenges lead me to spend time with family in Arizona and Colorado while training in metalsmithing and dabbling with enamels. Drawn back to the beauty of Michigan, I’m now designing and blissfully creating jewelry in my own wonderful studio. I love creating whimsical things that tell a little story, and organic shapes that take on a rustic feel. I seek out candy-like gems, vintage baubles and chunky turquoise. Surrounded by so much of what I love and with my cat Winston at my feet, I’m inspired by everything, everywhere! And I pour all of my inspiration into each little piece I create. It's peaceful and I'm enjoying every minute of it, just like I imagined.

–Rebecca Maillette

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