Verre La

Verre LA Jewelry

Verre LA Jewelry 

Los Angeles, California

Verre is the french word for glass. every piece of jewelry is handmade by Julie burton. she believes that simple is elegant and that less is more. I really like glass. after a six week class in glass blowing at the rhode island school of design, I worked as a glass blower on a mountain in Tennessee before moving to new york to pursue my passion for glass at the public studio urban glass. once there i decided that I wasn’t interested in production glass (I like my table top items to be more natural and less rigid), and tired of tutoring kids, I received a fortuitous 5 minute lesson in lamp working. with a BA from Berkeley in political science and training as an illustrator from the rhode island school of design, I take my inspiration wherever and whenever I can get it. In 1999 I began making jewelry with another designer under the name verre newyork and in 2012, we decided to split to pursue our own ventures. and there you have it: verre by julie burton! Why glass? glass has just as much allure and luster as a gemstone but can also come in a plethora of colors and shapes at no additional cost. i love glass so much it’s not just what my jewelry is made of, it’s also the key ingredient in my signature packaging.

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