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We Are Brainstorm prints

We Are Brainstrom Prints

Dover, New Hampshire
Brainstorm is the illustration and poster design studio we unintentionally started in late 2007. We met in the printmaking studio at a small liberal arts college in N.J. and had very different ideas about "art". That discord quickly dissolved into a friendly (turned loving) bond. We worked on a few art projects together and found out that collaborating brought out the best (and worst) parts of our personalites. We got to know each other very quickly. Eventually we graduated with bleak job prospects in a pretty turbulent economy, but we still had idealistic ambitions to use the graphic design/art education degrees we worked for. While we looked for "real jobs", we also focused on creative sessions together. Bouncing ideas back and forth helped us form a mutual respect for each other, both artistically and personally (thus, Brainstorm). So we kept working on freelance design projects and screenprinting posters, and began taking our print work to craft shows up and down the east coast. Without expectation and definitely open to all possibilities, we were just happy to be making things and to be a part of a growing handmade, crafty resurgence. 

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