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Buddies 16x16 | Woodblock Print

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  • original wood block print
  • image size 11" diameter
  • total matted size 16x16"
  • matted and ready to frame
  • signed and numbered limited edition
  • made in South Carolina

As is the case in most printmaking methods, each woodblock print is an original. Kent's work is printed in signed & numbered limited editions, and the original printing blocks are cut apart after the last print has been made. The image is hand carved into a series of wood panels, a separate panel for every color in the final piece. The ink is applied to each panel individually and printed onto the paper in succession to build the image layer by layer.

 Kent Ambler draws inspiration from his surroundings: his three dogs, two cats, his wife Peggy, the lake, the woods, birds, flowering trees, neighbors goats, the list goes on and on. His work usually starts with an observation or a quick sketch. The images that he sketches then become a leaping point for the exploration of aesthetic qualities. Mark making is the main focus in his woodcut prints, while surface and paint application are the main focus in his paintings.