Feast Board | Maple

Feast Board | Maple
Feast Board | Maple Feast Board | Maple

  • all of these items are one of a kind, natural variation will occur
  • maple
  • approx. 18" x 8"
  • handmade in Georgia

WoodKith, by the very nature of its name, brings together two of the most organic and naturally found concepts in the South - wood + friendships. WoodKith believe each piece of wood has a story to tell. Each ring, grain, crotch and fork in the piece reveals the storied history of the tree and its tale. They work hard to source and save beautiful pieces of wood that would otherwise be chopped up, hauled off or end up in a landfill. They store, cure and kiln dry the majority of their wood themselves, a process which takes approximately 2-3 years to reach the peak moisture content levels before they even begin the design and building process.

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