Size 7.5 | Fordite + Silver Ring

Size 7.5 | Fordite + Silver Ring - Artisan's Bench

A stunning piece of primarily teal Fordite is set in silver to create this statement ring.

Before car factories were fully automated, workers sprayed vehicles with paint by hand. It was a messy process and over time, misses and thick coats would drip from the cars and pool where the cars went to dry. As the cars baked, so did the paint runoff. Soon the pooled paint was rock-solid. When factory workers eventually cleaned the painting stations, these synthetic stalactites of paint broke apart to reveal beautiful, layered “stones” that could be polished to a fine shine.

  • Fordite, sterling silver
  • stone approx. 1" tall
  • size 7.5

Sara Biniecki's work is handcrafted in her studio in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up near the shores of Lake Huron, she formed a love of the beach stones and fossils the lake had to offer; always stashing rocks and lake treasures in her  pockets. Somewhere in her mid-twenties, she fell wildly in love with gemstones and jewelry making. These passions morphed through the decades into an unending hunt for rare pieces of earth to be collected, and for those bits of natural history to be preserved and captured in her modern, handmade jewelry. 

Sara Biniecki's Collection

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