Spring Chickadees (6X6)

Spring Chickadees (6X6)
Spring Chickadees (6X6) Spring Chickadees (6X6)

Artist Yoshiko Yamamoto is a self-taught block printmaker who strives always to fuse Japanese design sensibility with fine craftsmanship. Several years ago, Nawal Motawi, a longtime admirer of Yoshiko's work, approached her for a collaboration. Motawi thought Yamamoto's bold prints would work well as a raised-line tile design. She was right. Yamamoto's graceful, swaying scenes brought the clay to life.
"Among all the springtime visitors to our garden, the lively chickadees are our favorite. Always chattering 'chick-a-dee-dee-dee', these tiny birds never seem to tire and amuse us with their playful acrobatics!"- Yoshiko Yamamoto

    Tile size: 5-13/16" square

    Frame with tile size: 9-1/2" square

    Tiles are approximately 5/8″ thick and have a notch in the back for hanging unframed.


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