Steller's Jay (Original)

Steller's Jay (Original) - Artisan's Bench

 Dolan Geiman Collection

Large-scale contemporary bird art features steller's jay birds in eucalyptus trees inspired by travels to the Bay area of California.

Title: Steller's Jay (Collage)
Medium: vintage papers on wood
Size: 36" x 60"
Frame: hand-built reclaimed wood or salvaged metal (photos upon request)
*part of a limited collection each produced with a unique set of collage materials

My artwork, known as Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent, represents the intersection of my rural, Southern upbringing with my current urban residence. I handcrafts each work from the vast array of materials I've been salvaging and collecting since I was a child. My portfolio is vast, styles and mediums quite varied, but most of my 2D mixed media could fall under the categories of collage and/or assemblage. Lately, I’ve been producing large paper collage portraits of American icons and Animalia entirely from hand-cut vintage paper elements. I like to spend time reminiscing on the past while flipping through the pages of decades forgotten magazines, intently searching for the perfect shape, color, or texture within a periodical’s pages to add to my archive of collage elements. I’ve become increasingly precise and intricate over the years; my latest large-scale paper collages feature thousands of individually hand-cut pieces.



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