Sun Mobile | Rose

Sun Mobile | Rose

Meant for movement. When positioned next to an opened window it will catch the refreshing outdoor breeze and dapple vivid color and - thanks to the semi-circle bevel glass piece - rainbows across your space. Each piece of glass is hand cut, shaped, and soldered, then polished and laced with hand-dyed leather. For maximum color saturation, position sun catcher in front of, or by, a window- this one has bevels!

  • dimensions: 12 1/2" x 4"
  • silver finish
  • indoor use only
  • made in California

Chelsea Brewer of Brewer & Marr Glassworks is a modern glass artist based in Visalia, CA. Her love of light, color, and texture is reflected in her chosen stained glass medium and minimal approach to design.

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