Agate & Elm Jewelry


Amy Wyckoff has been creating handcrafted jewelry for ten years, learning each new skill as a result of the desire to create a certain pattern, texture, or shape. Creating jewelry is, for her, a process of experimentation and growth, and the feeling of creating something anew keeps her inspired. Outside the studio she spends her time in the forest or on the coastline exploring and observing, steeped in the beauty of the natural world.  
That appreciation for the patterns and shapes in nature is inherent in the work that she makes; incorporating high quality semi-precious gemstones as well as found rocks and crystals. Organic shapes created using fused mixed metals allows her to bring additional color into her work.  Each piece of jewelry is unique and crafted with care by her in Portland, Oregon.  Her studio under a pine tree is a place of love and light and on most days, there's no where else she'd rather spend the afternoon.

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