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Sid Dickens
Vancouver, Canada


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Handmade, unique, and sentimental – the Memory Blocks are the perfect gift item. With so many different images, styles, and meanings, it can be difficult for collectors and retailers alike to find the perfect gift suitable for an occasion or individual. To help with the gift-giving process, Sid has designed a collection of Memory Blocks inspired by the special occasions celebrated throughout the year. 

This collection will continue to grow throughout the seasons.

Each Memory Block is hand poured hydrostone plaster, hand painted, then finished to a porcelain-like quality and cracked to create an aged look and feel. It takes over 5 people to finish one piece, making them an individual collectible treasure. 

Innovative finishes are achieved by his own process of working through experimentation with an unusual combination of materials and techniques. For some of the designs he has literally invented his own  glazing formulas - structured to emphasize and challenge specific attributes of plaster and to respond to each piece's unique architectural volume.


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