Wings n Things | Sustainable Butterfly Art

Davisburg, MI

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All of the butterflies and other insects used in her artwork are sourced through sustainable butterfly farming efforts. These programs provide a multitude of benefits for the insects that are raised and for the farmers who raise them. Most butterfly species hail from tropical environments, there the rainforest is threatened by a variety of elements. Raising butterflies provides an alternative occupation for impoverished families who would otherwise typically engage in more traditional agricultural practices that tend to be damaging to the environment. Butterflies require an intact ecosystem in order to thrive, and so these farmers are helping to ensure butterfly species survival, as well as the survival of the rainforest around them. The revenue they earn by selling the butterflies helps to lift them out of poverty and in turn ensure the survival and betterment of their families.

Most butterfly species only live for a few days once they emerge from their chrysalis. By using them to create lasting works of art, Betsy is allowing us all to enjoy their beauty for years to come.