Daisy & Beads Necklace

Daisy & Beads Necklace

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  • sterling silver, green beads
  • pendant 1" x 3/4"
  • chain length 14-16" adjustable
  • handmade in Denver, CO

The name Fifth Element Jewelry came to artist Magali Wuarin as intuitively as most of her designs do. From her travels over the years, she has grown a strong bond to the cultures of the East. She feels drawn toward the philosophies, aesthetics and wholesomeness of the countries she visited. In Eastern traditions, there are not four, but five main elements: fire, wood, earth, water and, you guessed it: metal. As a lover of nature and a molder of metal, she needed to seek no further; the name and thus her business was born.

Unintentionally, fifth element has grown into a double entendre with the western interpretation of it as the spirituality or space element; the "space between the space," if you will. Magali welcomes this interpretation with open arms, as her studio practice can become very spiritual and meditative at times.

Her work is largely guided by intuition. She rarely has a fully formed idea of what she's going to make before getting started. Instead, she prefers to let the stones guide the way and allow the piece to evolve through the process.