Granite Hoop Earrings

Granite Hoop Earrings
Granite Hoop Earrings Granite Hoop Earrings

Simple hoop earrings with a small circle drop. All products are fabricated by hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

  • Sterling Silver Ear Thread
  • Glass Finish Over Stone
  • length 2"

    Sable + Co. was founded by Courtney Jones, a local Grand Rapids artist who started her career in jewelry career in 2014. In starting Sable, Courtney wanted to create a clean + simple brand that would help individuals find a unique sense of self, as well as a strong + refined life. Sable + co. is a line of contemporary jewelry that lives and breathes simplistic confidence. Each piece made has a bold and intentional design- embracing the collision of power, strength, and elegance. 

    Each collection utilizes the architecture of tubing that is cut into geometric shapes, and designed into wearable pieces. 

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