The Gift 012 (Retired) | Houston Llew Spiritile

The Gift 012 (Retired) | Houston Llew Spiritile

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Houston Llew Spiritile Collection

Wrapped in precious copper and tied with a ribbon of glass, this luminous gift speaks for itself.

  • 8.5 x 5.5 x 2"
  • glass enamel on copper, formed around a wood core
  • production dates: 11.1.2008 - 12.31.2008 
  • status: gone

Every Spiritile is made painstakingly by hand in Houston Llew's studio in Atlanta, Georgia. The glass is applied to one side of the metal using stencils and relying on precise layering with hand sifters. The piece is only fired once. After firing, a pin is rolled over the enameled metal to form intentional crazing marks in the glass. Although it goes against the medium's traditional teachings, Houston says this technique creates increased light refraction, particularly in the transparent glass.

Spiritiles can be hung on the wall (they look especially impactful in groups), displayed freestanding, and even withstand high humidity, direct sun and covered outdoor environments (we recommend taking them inside during cold winter weather).

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