Leather Hot Pad Sleeve

Leather Hot Pad Sleeve
Leather Hot Pad Sleeve Leather Hot Pad Sleeve Leather Hot Pad Sleeve

Handcrafted and branded with the Smithey logo over high-grade oil-tanned leather, this skillet sleeve is one of our favorite tools. Available in two sizes, the standard-fit slides perfectly over the handle of the No. 10 and No. 12 while the extended fit is designed to give more protection on our No. 8 Chef Skillet handle. Like cast iron, these sleeves get better with time and use.

  • Standard - 4.5" x 2" (Fits 10" & 12" Traditional Skillets)

  • Extended - 6" x 2" (Fits 8" & 10" Chef Skillets, and 12" Flat top) 

  •  Oil-Tanned Leather, Double Layered Kevlar Heat Resistant Thread

Made in the US, their skillets begin as raw castings with a surface similar to heavy grit sandpaper. They transform each one into an elegant cookware piece by hand & machine in Charleston, SC. They are so confident in the quality of their cookware, that each Smithey comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Smithey believes that some of the best cast iron sits on the ranges of future generations, and they plan to share it with you. In the kitchen or around the campfire, their goal is to be first in mind when home chefs think of premium cast iron cookware.

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