Motawi Little Sipper - 6x6

Motawi Little Sipper - 6x6
Motawi Little Sipper - 6x6 Motawi Little Sipper - 6x6 Motawi Little Sipper - 6x6 Motawi Little Sipper - 6x6

Motawi Tileworks Collection

"The hovering ruby-throated hummingbird nips nectar from a morning glory, enjoying a breakfast beverage, a motionless in-flight meal, the power of the flower. These hummers beat their wings as fast as 80 times per second to hold their bills still for sipping." - Charley Harper

Motawi Tileworks is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they design and make all of their ceramic tiles by hand. They can be hung on the wall, displayed on a stand, or used as the focal point in your next tile project

  • tile in clock shown for reference only, correct tile will be shipped
  • tile size: 5-13/16" square
  • size with frame: 11 1/2" square
  • tiles are 5/8" thick and have a notch at the back for hanging

The solid wood frames are built by Family Woodworks in Pennsylvania with premium 2-inch flat quartersawn white oak wood and finished using their 4 step signature process. Available in Nutmeg and Ebony finishes.

  • solid oak
  • 2" wide

The solid wood clocks are handmade in Iowa by Schlabaugh & Sons. Quartz movement with AA battery included. John Schlabaugh and his team have been designing and crafting wooden clocks and accessories for over 37 years. Originally working alongside his father, Emil, the family business is now run and operated by John and his wife, Jane Schlabaugh.

  • 12.5" w x 13.5" h x 4.5" d

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